Democracy, Corruption and Trust

On the municipal election results… Brazil’s first elections since Dilma’s impeachment are already being reported as a ‘slap‘ to the Workers’ Party (PT). This was always going to be the case. The governing party bore the brunt of anti-corruption protests, the Lava Jato investigations, and responsibility for recession. More interesting is the rise of another force Continue reading Democracy, Corruption and Trust

So was it a coup then?

Right-wing protests in 2015 loudly demanded Dilma’s ouster. The left consequently rallied around não vai ter golpe! – “there will be no coup!” With Dilma now impeached, protests resound to Fora Temer and Diretas Já! – “Temer Out” and “Direct Elections Now!” In turn, O Globo newspaper responded with an editorial Sunday (18/09) arguing that, in fact, new elections would be Continue reading So was it a coup then?

A family tree of Brazilian political parties (aka “they f*** you up, your mum and dad”)

This is a handy guide to the convoluted multiplication of political parties in Brazil since the return to democracy at the end of the 1980s. The post if worth a gander if you read Portuguese (I’ve translated it into English below). The fungibility of politicians and parties makes the political scene hard to follow. Ideological anchors are Continue reading A family tree of Brazilian political parties (aka “they f*** you up, your mum and dad”)

Paulista policing – how political?

Last Sunday’s (4 September) protest in favour of Diretas Ja! (general elections now) went better than expected with around 100,000 on the streets, before it was needlessly attacked by Military Police after the manifestation had finished. How political are the police’s actions? ‘Police tend to repress left-wing demonstrations’ is hardly a novel insight. So maybe the better question is ‘what do Continue reading Paulista policing – how political?