Writing & Speaking

I host, edit and co-produce Aufhebunga Bunga, ‘the global politics podcast at the end of the End of History’. The fortnightly programme features interviews and long-form discussions on the political crises of our times.

Author archives for publications:

Verso Books blog

The Brazilian Report

Damage Magazine

The Baffler


Africa Is a Country
Brasil Wire
The Independent

MPhil Thesis (University of Kent at Canterbury, 2013): Consuming a Moral Economy: The Construction of Fair Trade as a Social Problems Activity [PDF]

MA Dissertation (King’s College London, 2008):  Is contemporary anti-consumerism a form of romantic anti-capitalism? [PDF]

I’ve been a guest on a range of podcasts and news programmes. I’ve also spoken at, as well as produced and chaired, a range of public debates on social and political topics for the Battle of Ideas. Most recently I spoke at Crumbling Bric: what future for Brazil? (2016).