The Big Worm

I wrote about my favourite place in São Paulo (not for the first time) in Domus, the Italian architecture and design magazine. My piece about the reclaiming of urban space in central SP came out in issue 1043 (Feb 2020) of the magazine. An online version is here.

Bolsonaro is not a “Trump of the Tropics”

I have two pieces out this week in reaction to Bolsonaro’s election. For NBC Think I argue that, despite international media putting Trump and Bolsonaro in the same league, “the U.S. is led by a politician who still enacts policy within the bounds of the law, in and through American institutions.” More broadly, though, we can Continue reading Bolsonaro is not a “Trump of the Tropics”

Brazil’s Anti-Politics Election

My Brazil election preview in Jacobin: The election – and general political conjuncture – is polarized, fragmented, and corrupt. Here’s an excerpt on polarization: The election’s main polarization, then, is between the PT and Bolsonaro. To some it may look like a fight between two extremes. Bolsonaro poses as an authoritarian outsider who will wash Continue reading Brazil’s Anti-Politics Election

The Meaning of Lula’s Imprisonment

I have an article in Jacobin, discussing the narrow straits of Brazilian democracy (as per usual). The first part is my notes on the matter, reproduced below. The rest is a translation of a sharp and beautifully written analysis by Felipe Demier, originally published at Esquerda Online. This week, both sides of a polarized Brazil Continue reading The Meaning of Lula’s Imprisonment