From Anti-Politics to Authoritarian Restoration in Brazil

I have a long essay out in Jacobin that set out to do four things: Examine what the state of ‘anti-politics’ is in Brazil in 2020, in reference to earlier analyses published in Jacobin and elsewhere Review a book by Jairo Nicolau in which the 2018 election is analysed empirically Put into dialogue two short Continue reading From Anti-Politics to Authoritarian Restoration in Brazil

Brazil’s Anti-Politics Election

My Brazil election preview in Jacobin: The election – and general political conjuncture – is polarized, fragmented, and corrupt. Here’s an excerpt on polarization: The election’s main polarization, then, is between the PT and Bolsonaro. To some it may look like a fight between two extremes. Bolsonaro poses as an authoritarian outsider who will wash Continue reading Brazil’s Anti-Politics Election

The Meaning of Lula’s Imprisonment

I have an article in Jacobin, discussing the narrow straits of Brazilian democracy (as per usual). The first part is my notes on the matter, reproduced below. The rest is a translation of a sharp and beautifully written analysis by Felipe Demier, originally published at Esquerda Online. This week, both sides of a polarized Brazil Continue reading The Meaning of Lula’s Imprisonment

In Jacobin: The Meaning of Lula’s Conviction

I have a new piece on anti-corruption, the fracturing Brazilian elite, and the conundrum facing the Left, written with Benjamin Fogel.  What I think might be under-appreciated outside Brazil – or maybe inside too – is the how unprecedented this all is: that the elite should be falling apart, while also pursuing class war Continue reading In Jacobin: The Meaning of Lula’s Conviction