Brazilianization of the World

I have an essay in American Affairs, arguing that decline and crisis in core capitalist countries is best understood a Brazilianization: not just inequality and oligarchy, but cynicism, anti-politics, indeterminacy, and the End of History – these are all facets of Brazil’s early encounter with the end of modernization, a process now afflicting even the Continue reading Brazilianization of the World

From Anti-Politics to Authoritarian Restoration in Brazil

I have a long essay out in Jacobin that set out to do four things: Examine what the state of ‘anti-politics’ is in Brazil in 2020, in reference to earlier analyses published in Jacobin and elsewhere Review a book by Jairo Nicolau in which the 2018 election is analysed empirically Put into dialogue two short Continue reading From Anti-Politics to Authoritarian Restoration in Brazil

Bolsonaro is not a “Trump of the Tropics”

I have two pieces out this week in reaction to Bolsonaro’s election. For NBC Think I argue that, despite international media putting Trump and Bolsonaro in the same league, “the U.S. is led by a politician who still enacts policy within the bounds of the law, in and through American institutions.” More broadly, though, we can Continue reading Bolsonaro is not a “Trump of the Tropics”

O coiso é fascista?

O uso de “fascista” como xingamento tem uma longa história no mundo inteiro, muitas vezes levando a uma banalização do termo. Mas é importante entender o que tem de essencial no fascismo, não só por razões científicas, para não nos confundirmos, mas sobretudo para condicionar uma resposta adequada à ameaça neofascista. Já vimos o Berlusconi Continue reading O coiso é fascista?