Hate to say it, but #BrexitWouldveWon

And so that seems to be that. The left-populist experiment across Europe has fizzled out. A decade since the global financial crisis and nothing to show for it. It’s devastating, really. The ‘red wall’ did indeed crumble, and far more than I had even imagined/predicted. One after another, constituencies formerly based in steel or coal Continue reading Hate to say it, but #BrexitWouldveWon

Bolsonaro is not a “Trump of the Tropics”

I have two pieces out this week in reaction to Bolsonaro’s election. For NBC Think I argue that, despite international media putting Trump and Bolsonaro in the same league, “the U.S. is led by a politician who still enacts policy within the bounds of the law, in and through American institutions.” More broadly, though, we can Continue reading Bolsonaro is not a “Trump of the Tropics”