About Alex


Alex Hochuli is a multilingual writer, researcher and consultant based in São Paulo, Brazil.

At Anthroposcenic and various outlets, I write on global politics, focusing on Brazil, the UK and Europe, as well as popular culture and football. My primary political concern is the phenomenon of ‘anti-politics’, on which I am researching a book. For more, see here.

Aufhebunga Bunga is the ‘global politics podcast at the end of the End of History’ – a fortnightly programme I edit, anchor and co-produce with colleagues based in the UK.

My academic background is in international relations (LSE, King’s College London) and sociology (University of Kent at Canterbury). First, I attempted to understand whether contemporary anti-consumerism is a form of romantic anti-capitalism. Then I critiqued notions of ‘ethical capitalism’ by exploring the moral economy of fair trade.
I also work in market research, digital marketing, and business intelligence. My approach is to maintain a sociological view, in order to provide strategic consultancy in communications, digital marketing, and policy. For more on this, see LinkedIn.
I can be emailed at alex hochuli at gmail dot com.