About Alex

profile_5.jpgAlex is a writer, researcher and translator based in São Paulo, Brazil and is host of Aufhebunga Bunga podcast. He is the co-author of The End of the End of History (Zero, 2021). Alex offers consultancy, research & language services.

Here at Anthroposcenic, my personal blog – and in various outlets – I write on global politics, with a focus on Brazil, the UK and Europe. I’m interested in ideas and ideologies, in how our increasingly crisis-ridden times are giving rise to new forces, both democratic and anti-democratic.

Aufhebunga Bunga is the ‘global politics podcast at the end of the end of history’ – a programme I host, edit, and co-produce with colleagues based in the UK.

My academic background is in international relations (LSE; King’s College London) and sociology (University of Kent at Canterbury). My academic concern centred around consumerism and anti-consumerism; on how changes in capitalist culture brought forward opposition movements, and how capitalism then ‘recuperates’ or incorporates the demands and desires of these movements. In my MA (King’s), I asked whether contemporary anti-consumerism is a form of romantic anti-capitalism. In my MPhil, I critiqued notions of ‘ethical capitalism’ by exploring the moral economy of fair trade.

I can be emailed at alexhochuli at gmail dot com.