São Paulo pro-democracy protests

Photos & video from 30 August – 1 September, either side of the final Senate vote to impeach Dilma Rousseff

Protesters assemble at MASP, Tuesday 30/08
A minuscule gathering of the right, celebrating the impeachment underneath FIESP, the employers’ association, Wednesday 31/08
Temer Out! banner at Praça do Ciclista, Wednesday 31/08
Trash fires on Rua Major Sertório, near Mackenzie University, Wednesday 31/08
Scuffle between photographer, random man and police, Consolação, Wednesday 31/08
IMG_20160901_175256 (1)
Eerie scene after police had dispersed protesters, Consolação, Wednesday 31/08
IMG_20160901_131009 (1)
Remains of trash fire, Ipiranga, Wednesday 31/08
Mounted police, corner of Consolação and Paulista, Thursday 01/09
Riot police marching, Consolação, 01/09
Riot police on motorbike, on foot, in cars, Consolação, 01/09
Riot police enter armoured car; police had been deployed in huge numbers for seemingly no purpose, Consolação, 01/09
Huge, disporportionate police presence, by Praça Roosevelt, Thursday 01/09

Protesters shepherded into narrow street. Police soon fired sound bombs and tear gas on them once exits were closed, by Vale do Anhangabaú, Thursday 01/09

My eyewitness account of police repression on Thursday 1 September is here.

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