Triumph of American Idealism (Redux)

I was on the Scottish anti-capitalist podcast Contercast, to discuss my essay, published in Damage in June 2020, on the global BLM and the Americanisation is portends.

The essay seems to have caught onto something experienced more widely, as it was cited in a handful of other places, on similar themes.

Gregor Baszak noted the spread of Americanisation in an article on a supposed “cultural cold war”, American Affairs; Elena Lange and Joshua Pickett-Depaolis referenced the global BLM as an instance of the “middle-class Leviathan” in Crisis (pdf); Vincent Bevins wrote about how the internet is a tool of American hegemony in The Baffler; Adam Ibrahim explored Britain’s forgetting of its own civil rights traditions in the face of Americanisation, in An Injustice magazine; and a few other blogs too.

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