July 2019 articles for The Brazilian Report

In late July, I penned a number of articles for The Brazilian Report.

On the anniversary of the first moon landing, I explored why Brazil is such fertile ground for conspiracy theories (hint: because they’re often true!).

Jockeying on the Brazilian centre-right to supersede Jair Bolsonaro has led to the emergence of ‘renewal movements’, which may weaken the parties in an already fragmented landscape. More broadly, I also argued that there is no social basis for pro-business moderate centrism in today’s Brazil. This is in part because of polarisation, a social division which has also affected narratives of Brazil’s recent past. Documentaries are seeking to each tell their own tale, as I discussed.

Finally, a scar of a viaduct running through central São Paulo is set to become a permanent park. I personally love it. More public space is sorely needed, but it will inevitably accelerate gentrification.



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